The Next Crawl

Something’s amiss at Swinepimples Academy of Spellcraft and Sorcery, and it’s up to YOU to find out what in this madcap parody of all things Potter!

Join intrepid boy wizard Perry Puzzler as he and his friends Don and Harmony navigate the perilous puzzles that guard a hidden mystery. Meet all your favorite teachers: half-giant Hogarth, the sinister Professor Snake, and of course, lovable lunatic principal Bulbous Bumblebore. 

Will the Sorting Sock put you in the right house? Or get confused and put you in the White House? Will you come face to face with your arch-nemesis, Lord Folderol? Or just his hapless Mouth Breathers? And why are his plots so darn convoluted anyway? 

Fans of J.K. Rowling’s hit series — and people who’ve never even heard of it (if any exist) — are sure to laugh their way through the evening! Or maybe that’s just the Hilarius Hex we used on this Crawl.

Neighborhood: OTR

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