The Next Crawl

Stephen King is the master of horror. From creepy clowns to small-town vampires to classic haunted houses, his name is synonymous with all things horror. 

So it’s fitting that, in the spookiest of months, we’re drawing inspiration from the same types of horror stories that inspired the master. Pennywise the Clown may not show up, but you’ll find plenty of Kingesque creepiness on display at our October 24 Crawl! And where better to begin than the infamous Overlook Lodge in Pleasant Ridge? The friendly folks at Gorilla Cinema Presents are rolling out the red carpet for the Crawl!

Just don’t go into the cornfield or beyond the pet graveyard on your own. 

Date/Time: Thursday, Oct. 24, 6:30 – 9:30 PM

Neighborhood: Pleasant Ridge