Welcome to OTR, InfoTrust! This delightful neighborhood is full of history, culture, and of course, places to eat and drink!

Three team challenges await you on this fine OTR evening:

  1. A scavenger hunt right here at Queen City Radio: can you follow the clues to obtain the secret message?
  2. A series of InfoTrust-themed pencil puzzles that will help you climb the corporate ladder, schmooze with the company’s co-founders, and help out a potential client (whether he wants your help or not)!
  3. A walking trek through nearby Washington Park centered around InfoTrust’s newly-updated core values, with a Cincinnati favorite at the end. (About 0.4 miles out and back, for 0.8 miles total walking)

Because one of tonight’s goals is to help you get to know your coworkers, we recommend forming a team with people you don’t know! Simply stop by and see the Puzzle Agent (John, the redhead with the funny moustache) when you’re ready to get started and he will help you find a team! 

If we need to make any updates, we’ll post them here:

  • No updates so far!

If you need help while in the park, please text the Puzzle Agent at (513) 549-4414.


Once you have a team, you can view an electronic version of the Hunt by entering START (upper or lowercase) as the password below.


Before you get started on these puzzles, we have a favor to ask. Can you call up InfoTrust's prospective client, F.G. Budge, and see if you can convince him that he really needs InfoTrust's services? His data is under-utilized, at risk, and he's just asking for disaster to strike!

His company is located in Cincinnati (so, a Cincinnati area code), and believe it or not, his phone number IS his actual name!

If you can't get through to him, don't worry: there may be an opportunity later.

Then, when you've solved all the puzzles, enter the answer to the "A MARATHON ON EVERY CONTINENT" puzzle as the password below (with no spaces) to get your final instructions.


To begin, enter the Start Code you received from the Puzzle Agent.