Private Events

Looking for an exciting and unique activity for your next party or corporate retreat? The Puzzle Crawl team can help! We’ll craft custom puzzles for any theme, occasion or location! Birthday, bachelor/bachelorette party, Supermoon celebration… you name it! You can designate a specific skill level, venue, neighborhood, or just leave the whole thing in our ingenious hands.

Every Private Crawl is completely customizable and can be tailored to fit your needs. Prices vary depending on the size and complexity desired. A customized one-to-three puzzle Crawl for a small group can cost less than $150! For an intricate, staffed, multimedia, custom-built Crawl for a large organization, we’ll work with you to create a Crawl that stays within your budget.

We can even create a One-Stop Crawl, with puzzles and quests all centered in and around a single location, be it a bar, office, park, or home. And remember, collaborative puzzle-solving is the perfect teambuilding activity… regardless of whether drinks are served. For more information, you can can contact the Puzzle Crawl Conclave at, or fill out the quick form below!