The Next Crawl

Who Killed Ickey? Mini Puzzle Draws:

You’ve probably noticed we haven’t had a Crawl in quite some time now! 

The truth is, we’ve been super busy with non-Puzzle-Crawl projects. Jeremy, star of the stage that he is, went off and appeared in an Off-Broadway production, while John has managed to get himself onto the host team of this year’s MIT Mystery Hunt (the oldest and largest puzzling competition in the world)!

John has also been working on an online puzzle hunt to promote a new mystery novel, called the Who Killed Ickey? $50,000 Online Treasure Hunt. And, yes, you read that right: it has $50,000 in prizes for the top 11 teams to solve it! Warm-up puzzles are available now at every two weeks until the online Hunt (January 27th), you can play a mini puzzle and win $50! 

So, head on over to to scratch that puzzle itch, and we’ll hopefully have more live, local fun in store for you soon! 

And, as always, if you’ve got questions, we’ve got answers! Follow us on Facebook or drop us a line at

Wishing you happy puzzling,

The Puzzle Crawl Conclave