The Pied Piper of Covington

A photo of a German village.

Start at the front of the clock tower, facing it. Impressive, isn’t it? 

Now, follow the Piper’s instructions (Note: you will not have to cross any streets, leave sight of the clock tower, or get imprisoned inside of a mountain while following these instructions):

  1. Go all the way around the clock tower to the back, and face the same direction you’re facing now (i.e. away from the tower).
  2. Go straight ahead down a small flight of steps (if you get to a large flight, you’ve already gone too far!), and then take the first path on your left.
  3. Follow this path until it dead-ends into another path. Turn left again.
  4. You’ll find yourself facing a structure. Go straight through the structure to the other side.
  5. Go down another small flight of steps. Keep walking straight ahead.
  6. A little way ahead, on your left, you’ll see a bunch of yellow numbers on a blue background. Opposite those numbers, on the right, is a wide path. Take that wide path to the right.
  7. This path ends at another path, which cuts across diagonally. Turn right.
  8. Straight ahead, you should see a sign with a picture of a heart on it, but you’re not going to go that far. Instead, on your right, you’ll come to a different sign with the word, “Heart” on it. Turn right just past that sign.
  9. Keep walking straight until you reach another sign (again, on your right) that looks similar to the one with the word, “Heart.” This one doesn’t contain the word “Heart,” but does contain the word “Art.” You’re almost there!
  10. Several feet beyond that second sign, on your right, you’ll find a sign that combines “heart” and “art” with an artistic representation of a creature that has multiple hearts! Scan that sign to receive your next instruction.